Elementary Montessori Albums and Support Online - Welcome!

For more information on our program, please visit our main site at Keys of the Universe.

New to the program? Please select the option of your choice below. You may contact Jessica with any questions.

Please read each description carefully before making your selection. The "full albums" options have two options:

1) paced-out courses, with files containing sections of each albums, culminating in complete albums with the last file set;

2) full-pay gives you everything you need up-front - if you want ALL albums up-front this is the option you want.

"Individual albums" are for those people who just want a small number of albums, without it being paced out, with or without online support. 

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Elementary Montessori Homeschool Courses - in a variety of formats. Choose the one that meets your needs.

*Access everything (albums, support, videos, guidebooks) - one-time payment

**Access everything (albums, support, videos, guidebooks) - one-time payment - 8 or 16 separate payments

*Individual albums with videos and support - one-time payment for each subject

1) Choose the group you would like to join.

2) Set up and confirm an account.

3) Pay and enter the group of your choice :)