Certificates of Completion:

For those individuals who would like or need a certificate of completion, with my signature stating that you have completed a Montessori course of elementary formation, the following requirements have been developed:

—Read all theory, background, and album pages
—Participate in the discussion board, meaningfully and appropriately
—Complete all assignments
—Create and share an elementary material
—Write an essay on a Montessori-related topic of your choice
—Submit $50 payment

You may begin working on these requirements whenever you wish – right away, or several months in, or years down the road. There is also no deadline for completion.

Read the course material:
The control of error here is yourself. Please be honest.

Discussion board participation:
Meaningful and Appropriate – I am not specifying a minimum; your participation should show a developing internalization of the elementary Montessori concepts of cosmic education, the desire to implement these concepts with children, and a pattern of a learning lifestyle. Just participate πŸ™‚

There will be a smattering of optional assignments throughout the course material – these assignments are required for anyone applying for a certificate of completion. These assignments are found via the Course Syllabus found on the discussion community (online support) Β and on the albums/videos site.
Control of Error: It will be clear from the responses to the assignments if the context of the assignment was read, or just the list of assignments.

Sharing a Material:
You may choose to share this material with just myself (to show you’ve fulfilled the requirement), or with the entire group. You might describe it for the group, but provide me more images, details, or a file for my review. If it is purely in a computer file, you might choose to share it others for free or for a small fee; or not at all. The choice is entirely up to you. The point it is to get involved with material development and to share with me what you have done. What you do with it from there is up to you. Disclaimer: I will only review your materials; I will not offer them for sale or for free to anyone without your express permission.

Essay topics:
Write an essay – no specific length, but long enough for your chosen topic and depth – it could be 3 pages or 30. It needs to be legible, intelligible, demonstrate an understanding of Montessori principles both as applied to children and to adults in some way, and not be the same thing said by everyone else πŸ˜‰

Suggested topics:
—Cosmic Education
——-how it applies to the children in your situation
——-how it could affect world dynamics
——-an idea of your choice
—Education as an Aid to Life
——-as it applies to the elementary child
——-what it might look like at the adolescent and/or adult level
——-another idea of your choice
—Choose a subject area within Montessori
——-how is it interconnected with the other subjects, both academically and in life – how does this affect our outlook on the way education could/should be for all children
——-Apply this subject in another way
—Or another idea of your choosing

If you choose a topic listed here, you may get started when you are ready; if you choose your own topic, please e-mail me the topic, main idea and a general summary (outline) – nothing fancy – first. If you have several ideas, please send them all along and I’ll add them to suggested ideas πŸ™‚

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