The “Course” includes access to all of the albums, the videos and a permanent discussion board.
For as long as you need it, the discussion community, albums and videos are available to you. Join Us Here!

Three payment options are currently available – both are “proceed at your own pace”:
● 16 segments – $40 for the first; $25 each thereafter (total $455)
● 8-segment course – $65 for the first; $50 thereafter (total $415)

● One-Time Pay of $400

Pay for the program that fits your budget and family needs, but move at your own pace – it will all remain available for you when you are ready.

All courses are open-entry – you start when you are ready and proceed at your own pace (and budget if needed). Please visit our Elementary Montessori course site for more information.

Looking for individual elementary Montessori albums? Individual elementary Montessori albums by subject area can be found in the following places:

Keys of the Universe Elementary Course Access Site – Select the individual album section; additional service for online support is available here as well – immediate downloads of the albums
Garden of Francis – downloadable and printed/mailed options available – immediate downloads of the albums
Keys of the World – Album Shop page for individual subjects at primary, elementary and combinations of primary/elementary.

Log in page for the course site – create a new account; then select the course/subject option of your choice.

Once logged in, your list of courses.

The first increment in 8 or 16 increments, gives you the link to the online support, introductory material and the course syllabus.
Opening each colored bar will reveal the contents provided for that increment.
The last bar opens to provide the link for the next increment, when you are ready for it.

Sample of a later increment.
Those paying in full, have all chapters listed, with available videos and an option for a complete album download under each subject heading.

Sample of the video page for the multiplication chapter in mathematics.

When each subject portion is provided.
Please note: these are as best as possible provided in the typical order of use by most children. This spans 6 years of study with your child's interests filling in the rest of their studies.

Chart showing what comes with each segments' payment.

On the online support, please set up a new account. This is a different site and requires new credentials. I manually approve each account and provide you access to the appropriate portions.

All of the areas on the discussion community - different portions are available according to what you have paid for.

Sample of the headings under Elementary - within each area, there are stickied threads (always at the top) with downloads and the most immediately pertinent information, followed by threads of personal questions and observations by various participants.

Certificates of Completion:

For those individuals who would like or need a certificate of completion, with my signature stating that you have completed a Montessori study of elementary formation, the following requirements have been developed:

—Read all theory, background, and album pages
—Participate in the discussion board, meaningfully and appropriately
—Complete all assignments (which are otherwise optional)
—Create and share an elementary material
—Write an essay on a Montessori-related topic of your choice
—Submit $50 payment

You may begin working on these requirements whenever you wish – right away, or several segments in, or years down the road. There is also no deadline for completion.

More information can be found in your course material when your course starts, or by clicking here.


Ready to join? Visit our course page for registration.