Montessori Theory

 Montessori Theory

Do NOT underestimate the importance of the Theory albums when looking for album sets that will work for your situation. Without the theory, the content doesn’t really matter.

Trying to use Montessori without the theory albums (even if you’ve read every single Montessori book out there), is like trying to do a puzzle without the frame. Don’t believe me? Ask the AMI trainers why a theory album is required of each and every trainee if all that reading is required as well.

In the past 3 months, 73% of the questions, inquiries and request for support I have received via e-mail are questions succinctly answered in a Keys of the World or Keys of the Universe theory album. 2 of the people submitting questions owned the appropriate album, just hadn’t read it. Every other person stated that they either consciously chose not to purchase the theory album because they thought it a frivolous purchase (but they would pay just as much to gain online support from me when their questions were straight-forward) – or were led to believe by others that the theory album was not necessary.


I am here to help in every I can. That theory album though? Only helps YOU.


See these Montessori Nuggets for further information.


doing a puzzle without a frame
(tessellations, that is the point; Montessori details without the “big picture” – not so much)
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